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>>Simple Stuff<<
.Name- Arezu
.Nicknames- Rez, Rezzy, Zoo.
.Age- 16
.Sex- Female
.Location- California

.Bands- I like almost all music except country... If I started listing the bands it wouldn't end for a while.
.Foods- Spaghetti, Sandwiches, and yes, salad.
.Books- Pride and Prejudice, Stephen King, and any sort of diary type books.
.Movies- Scary movies, Comedies, and Chic Flics.
.Songs- Pretty Girl, For you, Remember & Wake up.
.Emotion- I prefer to be happy, but I go through emotions quickly
.Person- An idol? Or obsession? Idol- Jessica Alba, Obsession- Tyson Ritter (lead singer of All-American Rejects)

>>Least Favorites<<
.Bands- Anything country & Avril Lavigne, dunno why, maybe because she has a country sound, other than trying to pull off being what she is not.
.Foods- Artichokes,
.Books- Half of the school assigned books out there
.Movies- I'll get back to you on that.
.Songs- The really popular white stripes song... cant think of the name. I dont know why, I just cant stand it.
.Emotion- Pissy, let's bitchy at everything.
.Person- My dad. He is not a very nice person.

.Teen Sex- It happens, but it cant really be stopped. People can do whatever they want with themselves.
.Drinking- It's OK to have fun on occasion
.Drugs- Mistakes are made I think people are better without screwing with their head.
.Smoking- Ashtrays and black lungs are not sexy.
.President Bush- Should quit while he is ahead, I really dont want to be seeing him in office for another term
.Abortion- I personally would never have an abortion but I dont think less of anyone who has one, everyone has their reason and I would only judge by their reason.

>>Other Random Stuff<<
.How did you find our community- Searching around
.What will you bring to our community- I will just try to be myself and keep with the topic on what's going on.
.Promote us in 2 other communities and post the links here- I am not going to do that because almost all the communities dont want that, If that is going to keep me from being a member so be it, but this is as annoying as spam emails.

>>Picture Time<<
.3 or more clear pictures of you here

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