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>>Simple Stuff<<
.Nicknames-bee, jesus, bea who eats rices, bea who humps trees

.Bands-(abreviated list)rx bandits, something corporate, bad religion, the casualties, socratic, nirvana
.Foods-mac and cheese, chinese, mexican, thai, japanese
.Books-angus thongs and full frontal snogging series
.Movies-the god father 1, 2, 3, SLC punk, the shawshank redemption
.Songs- one of my absolute favs if hurt by the nine inch nails but basicly anything that appeals to me
.Emotion-love--happyness caused by bing with someone you love
.Person-bethy is cool

>>Least Favorites<<
.Bands-lillux, gc, simple plan, evanesance, and any of those bad bands that think that they rock
.Foods-overly meaty food like mc donalds
.Books-love novels beecause nothing ever turns out that way
.Movies-bad ones with no plot
.Person-lots of people

.Teen Sex-i am for teen sex, i dont see anything wrong with it, i mean what really is there to be against...its your choice and i've never met anyone who decided to be abstinate who tried to convince other people too
.Drinking- i do it some times but hang overs are uber bad and annoying
.Drugs-i have friends that do them, i dont personally, but i have no problem with them
.Smoking-my mom smokes but i have a few times, its disgusting, i know but it is addictive
.President Bush- i dont like him much...i think that hes not very smart, but i am too young to vote so i don't really care
.Abortion-pro choice

>>Other Random Stuff<<
.How did you find our community- bethy and lynsay
.What will you bring to our community- not much

>>Picture Time<<
.3 or more clear pictures of you here

silly drunk me

me drunk again

drunk me in jackee&apos;s hat

i just realized that all of these pics are of me drunk ha ha sry...but i dont take pics often

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