sensing pressure is your only way out (lostluvfound) wrote in lip_venom,
sensing pressure is your only way out

>>Simple Stuff<<
.Name- candace
.Nicknames- candy, can can.
.Age- 15
.Sex- F
.Location- San digo, CA

.Bands- saosin, atreyu, afi, adair, my chemical romance...
.Foods- taco salad because it is good for you and i like to eat it with ground beef and fritos. YUM.
.Books- the perks of being a wallflower, go ask alice, gossip girl books. i like to read gritty books like "bad girls" and stuff, but my favoritesare the really simple books that follow a person's life... like right now i am reading "the belljar" by sylvia plath.
.Movies- the last of the mohicans. this movie is fugging awesome! it's about the french and indian war sounds boring but soooo not. the last bit of it is the BEST! i also LOVE AMELIE
.Songs- the circle of life- everytime i listen to that song i want to cry and i don't even know why.
.Emotion- pure bliss
.Person- beth is cool

>>Least Favorites<<
.Bands- good charlotte because they just don't do anything for me.
.Foods- soy jerkey because it taste like dog food.
.Books-my brother sam is dead. i read it in school once...well not really, but what i did read did not interest me at all.
.Movies-the ghost in the darkness because i watched so many times when i was a little girl and so i tried watching it again but it's sooooooooooo BORING
.Person-i try not to hate people

.Teen Sex- well if you want to it's your choice but don't be a whore and do it all the time or you'll be tore up. ew.
.Drinking- responsibly. don't drink and drive.
.Drugs- lame. don't do it, you'll DIE!
.Smoking- ehhh...
.President Bush-who cares, i hate politics
.Abortion- your choice...

>>Other Random Stuff<<
.How did you find our community- randomly
.What will you bring to our community-love and happiness... peace everlasting...
.Promote us in 2 other communities and post the links here-i forgot how to link calls and amazing core.

>>Picture Time<<
.3 or more clear pictures of you here

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