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-My Application'

>>Simple Stuff<<
.Name- Julie Marie
.Nicknames- Jack
.Age- 17
.Sex- female
.Location- eugene, or

.Bands- i like a lot of stuff, from punk to hardcore to metal.. my faves are; the nekromantix, guttermouth, gbh, the misfits (danzig era), tiger army, himsa, atreyu, throwdown, poison the well, arkham, these arms are snakes, choking victim, leftover crack, f-minus, deftones, and 18visions.
.Foods- anything italian.. pasta and good pizza and such.
.Books- 'survivor'-chuck palahnuik, 'fight club'-chuck palahnuik, 'choke'-chuck palahnuik, 'the long hard road out of hell'-marilyn manson, 'stupid white men'-michale moore
.Movies- highway, donnie darko, kids, the secretary
.Songs- "500 Channels" by choking victim, "white collar crime"-f-minus, "last caress"-misfits, "nerdy"-poison the well
.Emotion- loooove
.Person- beth is cool ..i think thats what i was spose to say anyway..

>>Least Favorites<<
.Bands- anything on the dumb radio. poppy stuff. country.
.Foods- hm, i dont really particularly dislike any foods. eh, except i hate seafood. thats about it.
.Books- dunno. never read a book i didnt like
.Movies- the lord of the rings, scary movie,
.Songs- anything avril or GC
.Emotion- anger
.Person- george w.

.Teen Sex- eh, i guess if youre responsible about it, and are prepared to accept the consequences and responsibilities of maybe getting pregnant, then ok, go for it.
.Drinking- in moderation, its okay. as long as it doesnt get the point where it makes you sick or it takes over your life then i think its ok.
.Drugs- to each his own. i cant say ive never experimented with them, theyre just not really my bag.
.Smoking- its really bad for you, i know. but i smoke a lot of cloves..eek.
.President Bush- is the dumbest person on the face of the earth. ive written many a essay on him and the way he runs his show, and my anger for his stupidity and ignorance is still abundant.
.Abortion- i think abortion is ok. i mean, in no way is it great or cool or anything, but i think that there are already enough unwanted and abused children in the world, and if people know that they dont want to be a parent, and if they know theyd be a bad parent, i think they should have the option of ending a pregnancy.

>>Other Random Stuff<<
.How did you find our community- uhm, dont really remember
.What will you bring to our community- me. i guess im ok. im really opinionated and pretty outspoken, but im open-minded too. so.. i guess i can offer just as much as anyone else- my opinions and personal insight, and someone to listen to yours.
.Promote us in 2 other communities and post the links here-
http://www.livejournal.com/community/fashionxcore and http://www.livejournal.com/community/cool_fuckers

>>Picture Time<<

ok, done.
thanks for yer time, lovies
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