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Venomous Lips

The Kiss of Death

Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
-Applicants Rules-
.This is a rating community you will be judged both on looks and application
.Members who vote on you will vote honestly and harshly, if you are uber sensitive, do not apply
.Please do not reply to every comment you get, it is hard enough already to tall the votes
.If you know you are ugly or drab, please leave
.You can only post an application and replies to comments on your application until you are stamped as an accepted member
.Put long answers to the questions on the application, we are trying to get to know you here
.For the question of who your favorite person is, simply write "Beth is Cool" so that we know you have read the rules
.Post at least 3 pictures that CLEARLY show your face and are not photoshopped
.Everything must be posted under an LJ cut, if something is not, I will automatically delete it
.You must have 5 no's or 5 yes's to be accepted or rejected
.Once you are rejected, you can try again in a week, you do not need new pictures but that would be smart since the last ones got you rejected
.Failure to abide by all these rules will get you automatically banned

-Member Rules-
.Once you are accepted you are free to vote on any applicants
.Please be honest and harsh with the applicants, we do NOT care about their feelings we are rating them
.Only myself and the other mods are capable of stamping
.Do not argue with myself or the mods or we will ban you
.Please keep active or I will just figure you have moved on from the community and I'll remove you
.If you decide to leave please post an entry saying so so that I can remove you from the community
.Promote the hell out of this community
.Failure to abide by all these rules will get you banned


>>Simple Stuff<<


>>Least Favorites<<

.Teen Sex-
.President Bush-

>>Other Random Stuff<<
.How did you find our community-
.What will you bring to our community-
.Promote us in 2 other communities and post the links here-

>>Picture Time<<
.3 or more clear pictures of you here

-Your Mods-



.The End.